Check the list of all Documents and be ready to submit!

We need the folowing documents to process your loan

  • 1 month current paystubs
  •  Latest Federal tax return (all schedules), W-2 forms & SCH K-1’s ( if applicable)
  • 2 months current bank statements (all pages)
  • Copy of purchase agreement
  • Home insurance declaration page or insurance agent’s contact information
  • Mortgage statement
  • HOA statement/contact information ( if applicable)
  • Copy of Visa documents (if not US citizen/Permanent Resident Alien)
  • If subordinating junior lien, need copy of Note for 2nd loan/HELOC
  •  If you have leased solar panels, Provide copy of agreement.

If Self –Employed

  • Last 2 Years personal and business tax returns and Sch. K-1 ( if applicable)