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Here is the mortgage quote from Pannu Mortgage. This quote is generated by "NAME", If you have any questions regarding this quote, please call us at (408) 593-6995.

Interest Rate APR Closing Costs/Credit Payment (P+I) Apply Rates Updated

Note: We estimate total closing cost to be $0 that includes appraisal report fee, credit report fee, lender administration/underwriting fee, escrow fee, title insurance fee, notary fee and courier fee. This cost is already added in closing cost/credit in the above table. If closing cost/credit amount is a (-) Negative number; you will not pay any closing cost and get extra credit from the lender. The extra credit will be applied towards pre-paid items such as current month interest, property tax & insurance (if due) and reserve for escrow/impound account. If closing cost is a positive number, you have to pay this amount as closing cost.

Note: The monthly P&I payment does not include the amount for property tax and insurance. With escrow/Impound account, actual payment obligation may be greater to include prorated amount for property tax and insurance.

Note: A 30-day lock commitment is assumed. Interest rate is not final until we lock it. Rates are subject to change without notice if not locked.

Note: Interest rates shown above are from the best lenders that we work with. Depending on individual situation, we may have to submit your loan to a different lender and interest rate/cost may vary.


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