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 -Robert G
21 September, 2022
I have refinanced in Feb 2021 with Mr. Pannu. I have got the best interest rate in the market with credit for closing cost. Mr Sukhvir Pannu was very helpful in answering my questions and handled the whole process very professionally. The refinance was done in record time too. I highly recommend Pannu Mortgage.
 -Vikas Khanna
24 October, 2021
Excellent service with great rates. Mr. Pannu goes extra miles to give the best service and best rates. This is my 3rd refinance with him. Same consistent excellent experience all 3 times. Highly recommended.
 -Srinivas A Santa Clara
17 September, 2021
It was super easy to work with Mr. Sukhvir Pannu. I received the promised interest rate and it closed much faster than I expected. Very professional and a great experience overall.
 -Satish J Dublin
30 August, 2021
I have recently refinanced my mortgage and very happy working with Pannu Mortgage. He is truly a Professional, possesses in-depth knowledge in the Mortgages Field, offers best interest rates along with good closing cost options. His website is truly great with the refi calculator showing various cost options. I am very satisfied with my experience and have already recommended him to my neighbors and friends.
 -Ravinder P San Francisco
26 August, 2021
Pannu mortgage team is super awesome. They are very responsive, efficient, and easy to work with. Sukhvir is very knowledgeable about the mortgage market and gives good advice and their rates are very competitive as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a loan refi.
 -Srinivas A Cupertino CA
25 August, 2021
Just closed a refinance on my home with Pannu Mortgage and my last 3 refinancings have been with Pannu Mortgage too. Sukhvir Pannu is very friendly, knowledgeable and gets the best rate with minimal closing costs. Explains the process and costs very well, process is very smooth and always have a great experience with him.
 -Sonu M Santa Clara CA
25 August, 2021
Pannu is an excellent contact for all kind of mortgages needs. Competitive rates and all well planned with timely execution. He made my refinance task simpler, and trouble free. Very professional and best rate and credit in the market.
 -Srinivas Annam Santa Clara
24 July, 2021
It was super easy to work with Mr. Sukhvir Pannu. I received the promised interest rate and it closed much faster than I expected. Very professional and a great experience overall.
 -Anju C Manteca
09 July, 2021
Sukhvir Pannu explains the process in detail and in a simple way. He is available if you have questions. Very straight forward and makes you comfortable during the process of refinancing. Would recommend him to my friends.
 -Parminder Kaur
30 June, 2021
Pannu Mortgage is such a reliable and professional place. Mr S Pannu is such a knowledgeable person. We all like about him that he fulfill his promises. Very transparent, answer our questions very professionally . I would highly recommend .
 -Rahul C San Ramon
30 June, 2021
I had a very +ve experience working with Mr. Pannu. Right from locking the rate to applying to the closure, it was a very transparent, smooth, and low-touch process. The entire process was completed much ahead of time. In my case, the closing costs were much below the estimates. Mr. Pannu is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and is always reachable. Do consider him for your home financing needs.
 -J Singh
20 June, 2021
100% Satisfaction : Sukhvir Pannu was great as usual, my 2nd refinance experience with him in the last year, and whole my family is now refinancing or taking Home loans with him. He is officially now become our family mortgage-to-go person. Thanks a lot for a smooth experience with re-financing.
 -Manish b
17 May, 2021
Mr Pannu has helped us file our taxes for the last couple years years and does a thorough job while also saving money for us. He has also helped us with loan refinance on our homes and has extensive knowledge on the process. He will tell us right away whether we can save money with re-fi and contact us for the right time to save on our monthly payments. We appreciate your excellent service.
 -Manvir Singh Bhullar
06 November, 2020
I got my home refinanced and also got my brother in law's home refinanced. Got very easy to use online setup that pannu mortgage has online to submit paperwork. And everything was done in timely manner. Mr Pannu is very professional and he knows what he is doing. I recommend others to use him. And I will be using him again for my future mortgage needs. Thanks
 -Pradeep Kumar G
17 October, 2020
I highly recommend Mr. Pannu for your mortgage needs. He is a man of his word, who stands by it and delivers. My refinancing was breeze with clear set of documents asked. He used latest technologies to securely handle documents upload/download/signing. Overall a professional and efficient experience. I have referred him to my friends and couple of them are already working towards closing theirs too.
 -B Taneja
17 October, 2020
Everything went beyond our expectations. You made our work very easy. I am glad we picked you as our mortgage broker. Excellent work my friend! Thanks Taneja’s
 -Ramananda Ramachandra
14 October, 2020
I worked with Mr. Pannu to refinance my mortgage. Very approachable, always available on phone to answer any questions and very transparent process. What you are on the website is the rate you get. Mr. Pannu was also helpful in reducing my closing cost to $0 after I had tentatively agreed on a higher closing cost due to reduction in refinance rates between days. Overall, you don’t have to think twice to decide to go with them. You can be rest assured you are in safe hands and Mr. Pannu always fights for you keeping customer interest in mind. Glad I reached out and closed my refinance with them.
 -Amarik Thind
12 October, 2020
I worked with Mr. Pannu on refinancing my mortgage and the overall experience was exceptional. Mr. Pannu is very accommodating and was always readily available to answer any questions. He was very clear in his communication and guided me throughout the complex refinancing process in a very smooth and efficient manner. Mr. Pannu offers the best rates and the quality of service is unbeatable. I would highly recommend Mr. Pannu to anyone who is in need of a professional mortgage consultant.
 -R Sandher
10 October, 2020
Mr. Pannu did an excellent job. He is a very good loan offier. I would recommend him to everyone. He's goo at communicating fast and efficiently ! He made my experiance east and fast.
 -Sanjeev Mishra
10 October, 2020
Pannu made complex mortgage thing trouble free, quick and easy. He is pure professional and expert in his area. All loan process was swiftly handled and the best part, he is available on the phone whenever you need for any question or work related matters.
13 September, 2020
Pannu Ji did a wonderful job of handling my refinance and he was fantastic to work with him. He was on top of everything and always took the time to answer my questions and the overall process is seamless.I highly recommend him!
 -Ashok R Choudhury
13 September, 2020
I recently refinanced my home loan through Pannu Mortagage. Right from the begining till the end the whole process was handled in a highly efficient and professional way. Sukvir was very prompt in responding to all my queries and was extremely friendly in all our communications. I highly recommend him for all Mortgage related loans.
15 August, 2020
I recently refinanced my mortgage with Mr Pannu. He did the same for me a few years ago and I had zero hesitation in going back to him. It has always been a professional and smooth experience with him. He is upfront about the whole process and very easy to reach. I highly recommend him for your mortgage financing related needs.
 -Baljinder J
15 August, 2020
I have refinanced my home loan two times with Pannu Mortgage and both times Mr. Sukhvir Pannu delivered a great service with the best interest rate in the market and the zero closing cost. I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance or purchase a new loan. He makes the refinance process painless with minimum amount of paperwork to complete!
14 August, 2020
I refinanced two properties with Mr. Pannu. He was very professional and honest throughout the process. Both my loans closed without any issues with promised terms laid out upfront. I will surely do business with Mr .Pannu again. Highly recommended.
29 June, 2020
I have recently refinanced my mortgage. I came to know about Pannu through radio add and thought of giving a try. Luckily I got the best person. Compare to other people, Sukhvir is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has the patience to listen to all our points and you will definitely get a detailed reply. Another advantage is that you can call him at any time and he will be available or return the call at the earliest. Same for email replies. Throughout the process during Covid-19, he did not pressure us for anything. We will get time to lock the rate with a better closing cost and the call was mine. I got a better rate and closing cost than expected. The entire process was very smooth and he is very professional. I will definitely select his service for future needs and very happy to recommend him for any mortgage services.
 -V Hatte Fremont
10 June, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised by my refi experience with Pannu Mortgage. I did many refi earlier and this experience was the best. Pannu explained the terms very clearly at the beginning, followed up with necessary documentation and replied to all my question in a very clear way. Pannu was very courteous and helpful throughout the entire refi process
06 June, 2020
Great experience working with Pannu Mortgage on my home Re-financing in May. Sukhvir was very helpful throughout the process, answering questions, and responding promptly. The documents required were clearly listed and the document upload process was seamless. Overall very satisfied with the re-finance experience. Definitely recommend Sukhvir to my family and friends.
 -Dilip Jaju
01 June, 2020
Sukhvir is very knowledgeable and provided all details (what to expect, when locking will be done, how much time it will take for whole process, etc.) before starting the process. This is second time I worked with Sukhvir to refinance my loan. It was much easier than first time as he already had my basic information in his system and I did not need to provide it again. This saved lot of my time. Whole process was very smooth. I will definitely work with Sukhvir in future for all my hoe related loans.
 -M Randhawa
30 May, 2020
It was a pleasure working with Pannu mortgage. They have exceeded my expectations with quick timing and good communication throughout the process. What he promises he delivers! Thank you for the great service.
 -R Seshadri Fremont
29 May, 2020
Sukhvir was very pleasant to work with. An understanding person!
 -Albert Lee San Mateo
28 May, 2020
Sukhvir Pannu has assisted me in a number of mortgage refinance. Three times on my primary residence and once on an income property. All transactions went smoothly and he also seems to have the best rates/closing cost available. He has helped me reduce my monthly payments significantly without upfront cost.
19 May, 2020
I found out about Mr Pannu from the radio ad on 1170AM. When I was ready to refinance, I decided to give him a call. He was very helpful with providing the information. He advised me to wait a while before locking the rate and what a good advice that was! He gave me a very good rate for my mortgage refinance. Mr Pannu explains the whole process and answers all your questions patiently. It was a pleasure working with him. Highly recommend.
 -Asish Sahu
18 May, 2020
Mr. Pannu has been a pleasure to work with...very knowledgeable. Responsive and quick to return calls. Thank you for the timely help and your prompt action in closing my refinance loan. on time.
07 May, 2020
Great experience in working with Sukhvir Ji as I did refinancing for my home mortgage. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work. He truly guides the customer and helps them to make better decision. I would really recommend to use Sukhvir and would definitely go back and work with him for any future needs.
05 May, 2020
Mr.Pannu helped us refinance our property. He helped us lock at the right time to get the lowest rate possible. Through out the process he was very clear in communicating the next steps. Because of the low-rates, there were too many applications, he was still able to assist us in a very professional way. It was a very smooth process to get our refinance done. I would definitely recommend him.
 -Chintan S
04 April, 2020
I just refinanced my home mortgage with Sukhvir Ji and had an amazing experience. He is very informative and was very quick in answering all my questions. I would definitely like to use his services in future for any new purchase or refinance.
 -Rita N
04 April, 2020
We have refinanced twice from Sukhvir jee. Both the times experience was awesome! He was able to get low interest rate with no closing cost and the journey from refinance initiation to close was clear, quick and smooth. If I need to refinance or take new mortgage, I will use his service again. I highly recommend him.
 -Sunil Shrivastava
31 March, 2020
It was amazing working with Mr. Pannu to take care of my recent mortgage requirements for both primary residence and investment property. Initially I was hesitant but anyway I thought to give it a try and I am glad I did that. Mr. Pannu is very professional, transparent, crisp in communicating the current state of the loan and what to expect next. Due to recent Covid 19 outbreak, I had unexpected travel schedule which required us to postpone the final documents signing two times and Mr. Pannu was very accommodating understanding our situation. If you are looking for a professional mortgage consultant, then your hunt is over. Nothing can go wrong if you have Mr. Pannu at your side. Thank you Mr. Pannu for what and you and how you do it. Keep it up.
 -Puneet Malhotra
05 March, 2020
I took Mr. Sukhvir Pannu services to refinance my loan.He was very prompt in answering all queries and provided all information on time at each step during the process. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.
17 February, 2020
I recently refinanced my home with Sukhvir ji at pannu mortgage. The whole process was smooth from beginning to end and I had a great experience. The communication throughout the process was very good and I was kept updated with where things were at every stage. I got a good rate with minimal closing cost. I would use pannu mortgage again in the future for any mortgage needs.
 -Muhammad Rehan San Jose
01 February, 2020
Smooth experience, very quick in responding and seamless closing. Thanks for the help. Hoping to work with you for my next refinance as well.
 -Babita San Mateo
31 January, 2020
Just had 3 of my properties refinance. Mr Pannu was able to get me the best interest rate. I have looked around but didn't find anything better. The process was so easy and fast. Will recommend to everyone.
 -Bhuplesh Gupta San Jose
21 January, 2020
Our refinance journey with Pannu Mortage was very smooth. Mr Pannu gave me pretty good options of rates and costs. Once we locked the rate, entire process was expedited and closed in 15 days. He was/is available at any time to answer any question. I would say Mr Pannu has excellent knowledge of mortgages and he will give you best advice and will work out best deal for you. Everyone should give him a call before finalizing the loan.
 -Santosh Shanbhag
18 January, 2020
Sukhvir Pannu got the lowest interest rates in the market and closed 2 loans in 3 weeks with no cost. The entire process from start to finish was straightforward and efficient, with no surprises, hidden costs or gimmicks. I would definitely use Pannu's services in future and recommend him to anyone looking to get a new loan or refinance.
 -Sid K Santa Clara
09 January, 2020
Sukhvir Pannu was great at providing timely updates and patiently answering all of my questions; he really wants to make sure his clients understand the whole process and are getting the best deal.
23 December, 2019
Sukhvir was able to offer the rate he promised and close very quickly, guiding us through every step of the process. Very reliable, no hassle and pleasant, highly recommended!!
 -Jugpreet Singh
23 December, 2019
Amazing and very professional. I've been working with Sukhvir Pannu since 2008 for all my mortgage, real estate and tax needs. I can recommend his name without second thought. Completely satisfied.
 -Milind Gupta
10 December, 2019
I have refinanced 2 times with Mr. Pannu. Both times I have got the best interest rate in the market with 0 cost to me. Mr Pannu, is very helpful in answering all questions I had and handles the whole process very professionally. He has a well established procedure to take care of the whole process. I highly recommend Pannu Mortgage to all my friends.
 -Ranjit S Saggu
10 November, 2019
I have been working with Sukhvir Pannu since last year regarding my home loan. He was extremely helpful and patient throughout the whole procedure. This was our first house and I’m glad we were able to find a person like Mr. Pannu who guided us in the rightest way possible.
 -Satinderjit Kaur
10 November, 2019
My husband and I bought our first house last year. I wish we had known about Mr. Sukhvir Pannu last year. He helped us refinanced our house twice. We just refinanced our mortgage with him. He got us the best rate. He reached out to us when the rate fell. Mr. Pannu gave us clear information in Punjabi and English about refinancing. He educated us about the procedure. He always answer my phone call at the first time. He explained everything to us very patiently. He is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Thank you for everything. I would definitely recommend Mr. Pannu to all friends and family.
 -Taranpartap G
08 November, 2019
I am Working with Pannu Mortgage from last couple of years, very satisfied with there services. I highly recommend Pannu Mortgage for all your Mortgage services.
 -Mandeep P
05 November, 2019
Sukhvir helped me get multiple loans in last few years, not only did he help me get the best rates, he also made the process super smooth. I would do the loan with him again in the future in a heart break.
 -GP Singh
03 November, 2019
I m working with sukhvir pannu since last year .i done my taxes and refinance my home with him . I really work with him rest of my life bcz he is very honest and very state forward person .i real recmond him to do your real estate and tax service with him.thanks pannu ji make our life and our credit so good god bless you.
 -Kuldeep Singh ( Tracy)
14 December, 2017

It was a truly great experience working with Mr. Pannu.
He was very caring of any questions that we had and gave phenomenal services and I would recommend him to anyone I know.

 -Apparao Adapureddi ( Pleasanton)
14 December, 2017

Pannu is committed,trusted agent and available any time and willing to share/answer any questions or queries.

He never promise, which is not realistic and never deviate what he committed.

Excellent service.

 -Deshmukh Sandeep ( San Jose)
14 December, 2017

Best rates, Excellent and prompt service. Highly recommended.

 -Rajnesh Saini ( Fremont)
14 December, 2017

We had an awesome experience with Sukhvir Bhaji from Pannu Mortgage. We refinanced our home twice through him.

Process was straight forward with all terms and conditions laid out in advance so that there are no surprises. Whole process went very smoothly both the times and very happy with Pannu Mortgage.

Second time, Sukhvir bhaji proactively let us know drop in interest rates and that helped us save money (and continue to save money for long time to come).

I highly recommended Pannu Mortgage for your mortgage or mortgage refinancing needs.

 -Pavan Kumar Singaraju Vekkata Sai ( San jose)
14 December, 2017

I got my loan refi with Pannuji.

He was able to get me the best rate and closed the loan quickly even before I realized. I would rate him seven stars for outstanding service. He is the best.....

 -Manish Desai ( Fremont)
14 December, 2017

Had a fantastic experience working with Pannu! Completely transparent and consistent handling throughout the process.

Also the process itself was so quick and hassle free that our loan was financed even before we realized. Had a great experience working with him.

 -Mohit Vaswani ( San Jose)
14 December, 2017

Working with Pannu was amazing! I spoke to a few mortgage brokers before I ended up going with Pannu.

The personal attention I got during this process was great. I did not have to worry about anything. Pannu took care of it all!.

He also let me know when was the right time to lock the rates. I would highly recommend Pannu to everyone!!

 -Sushma Koneru
14 December, 2017

It was great working with Mr Pannu for our refinance.

He is very quick, organized and makes the refinance process very simple. He has closed the loan in a short span of 14 days.

I would definitely work with him in the future for any refinance needs.

 -Naunihal Singh, (VTA) San Jose
14 December, 2017

I would like to extend my hearty appreciation towards Pannu Mortgage for providing the excellent Service. You have not only met but, went beyond my expectation. The whole process was very efficient, on time, and delivered as promised. Your knowledge and advice is extremely valuable. I will definitely return to you for my future financial needs and recommend your name to my acquaintances. Thanks a lot again. Job well done!

 -Ananth Krishnan, Livermore
14 December, 2017

Mr. Pannu did a great job with refinancing my home and made the process very simple. In-fact he reached out to me when the rate fell to what I was looking for (I told him over phone earlier) and checked if I was still ready for refinancing. Really thoughtful of him. Great person to work with.

 -Divyangkumar C Shah, (CPA) Santa Clara
14 December, 2017

Mr. Sukhvir at Pannu Mortgage has in depth knowledge of the mortgage industry. He helped as committed and found pro-active on the client file. We will rate as best and will refer in our circle.

 -Dinesh Goel, Cupertino
14 December, 2017

Thank you Mr Pannu for your prompt service and closing loan in time. It has been a great pleasure working with you.

 -Barada Mishra, Sunnyvale
14 December, 2017

Excellent! Thanks for making the refinancing process smooth and easy.

 -Mandeep Pahuja, Corona
14 December, 2017

Mr. Pannu made getting loan as easy as buying stuff on Amazon, the process was seamless, we were being made aware of the status of the loan at all times, and Mr. Pannu helped with any questions that I had in the process. He was very nice to talk to and best of all he made himself available at all times to me.

I truly loved working with Mr. Pannu, and would come back to him for my future home loan needs.

 -Bhushan Dahake, Pleasanton
14 December, 2017

It was a great pleasure to work with Mr. Sukhvir Pannu. He is always on top of your application and keeps you constantly informed throughout the process. He operates at the speed of light and educates you in the process.

Lighthouse is a very appropriate name for his mortgage company. Rates offered by his mortgage company are best in the market and you can be assured of quality service.

 -Miland Gupta, San Jose
14 December, 2017

I refinanced my home through Mr. Pannu and he was really helpful and answered all my questions patiently. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends.

 -NIrali Matalia, San Jose
14 December, 2017

It was really awesome working with Pannu Mortgage! Truly appreciate their grasp on subject knowledge, prompt customer service & professionalism! I would surely partner with them again.

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